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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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crews are sweeping in now a a historic day in santa cla. i love the 9ers. the gates open, the fans come pouring in. levi stadium welcomes the 49ers for the first time ever. [singing] kpix5 is on the field from the first kick off to the final score. we are still here and you are looking at levi's stadium. people are cleaning up after a historic day. not long ago the stadium was packed with 70,000 fans with the 49ers first home game.
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>> a sold out crowd watched the broncos defeat the 49ers 34- despite the score, today felt like a victory. the beginning of a newerra for the tpraoeupers and their fans at the state fans -- a new era for the 49ers and their fans. >> reporter: good evening. we are live at the stadium. good evening. we have a team of reporters covering all angles. we are here with the fans as they make their way home on mass transit. they will have a full report on the traffic coming up. first we are heading out to the fans, they were pumped up as part of the historic day at levi's stadium. >> reporter: never seen a crowd pumped up for a preseason game. things cleared out, crews are starting to clean up. the fans came for the football and the facility and whatever complaints they may of had
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about the playing today they felt completely opposite about the stadium. >> oh! >> we are going to win! >> reporter: the fans that came from far. >> we came from hawaii and we with are ready. >> reporter: the fans that came from not so far. >> i live 1.9 miles down. yes. i take bta down, 7 minutes i am on the train and i am here. >> reporter: the decade long diehard season ticket holder. >> my dad, my grandpa used to watch from golden gate park. >> reporter: and the one that sat in a stadium seat. >> pretty good seat? >> perfect. nice seat right here. >> reporter: for the first time. >> this is actually my first stadium game ever. so, you know, a big deal for me. >> first time seeing a pro football game. >> exactly. yes. >> reporter: for the 49er faithful it is not just any football game, an experience from the food. >> chicken nuggets and a salad.
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the prices are a little crazy. >> reporter: to the cocktails. to the very first step into the stadium. it. >> for a lot of fans the most exciting part was taking the first steps into the stadium. take a look. this is what you see when you first walk into levi's stadium. >> amazing. i have goose bumps, like game time. ratings were rolling in. >> it is the best day ever. >> reporter: now, not all rosey today. a lot of security here, too. the police tell us there were a few arrests out here today. nothing major, though, again, universally positive reviews about levi's stadium. back to you. >> nice job. >> it is breathe taking. especially when you are seeing it for the first time. >> well, from this to this. it is a day that has been years in the making. let's take you back to some of
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the major construction milestones of levi's stadium. two years ago, 2012, gold shovels broke ground. not a month later they were pouring the first cement. fast forward to april of this year when the brand-new turf was installed and now we have a brand-new home for football in the bay area. >> it is a proud day for the 49ers organization. as you can imagine, we have a chance to catch up with the team's ceo who said that actually his biggest worry today was traffic. >> it is great to see niner's fans filling it up. >> great to get the operations right and get the fans n traffic, the light rail system to work right. you know, it is a good fit. >> reporter: all right. that is the boss's assessment of it. now we will go out to mark to give us an unbiased opinion. how was it?
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did it go better today? the traffic. >> >> reporter: depends where you are. which direction you came in from the stadium. there are definitely people that had better experiences and people that had worse experiences. and by the way we knew that guy was standing there. we were ready for that, just so you know. we will show you the video just as the game let out an hour ago. people literally, crowded to the stadium. from where we are right now they were all going to the golf course, one of the big parking lots the city of the golf course. controversial to plan to park the cars on the golf course, but the people that came early they had a good experience. those that came later, said, it was rough. [music] >> reporter: the electric grills were are fired up, literally on the santa clara golf course, but don't call it a golf course when the 49ers are at home. this is what is known as red lot 6. for those that came early, getting here was not so bad. patricia jones left her home in san francisco at 7:30 this morning. >> coming off of the freeway it
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is fine. until we got to gate 6. which is 6 that is when the line started. >> what time did you leave? >> 7:30. >> what were you expecting based on what you heard? >> chaos. >> reporter: the closer it got to game time, the delays and the frustrations went up. chris summers finally arrived at the gate about 15 minutes after kick off. >> parking situation is absolutely terrible. we parked out on a golf course, there is no reason for that. >> hi to hike in from there -- hi to hike in from there. >> -- i had to hike in from there. >> yes. at least half a mile. >> reporter: the first impact of the game were clear. stadium was full, and tens of thousands of cars filled both the great america parking lot and the golf course. there are more than 10 off site parking lots in all. but santa clara mayor, matthews, says changes are made in the parking and the traffic plan if in the two weeks since the soccer match are paying off. >> you know, i could not be
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more pleased. things are going smoothly. everything we corrected from the last time it is working well. the game. all of the people came after the game. long lines, perhaps an hourlong. folks here about to close it up. five bags west. so, obviously all of the football fans here, the bag policy. they knew about it, the 49ers made a effort to publicize it. the traffic here a couple weeks ago. many of those are ironed out. some people had problems getting to the stadium. reporting live at levi's stadium. back to you. >> we noticed something, a little strange during the game. at times, a lot of empty seats. it turns out, they were not no shows, many fans ditched their seats at the concourse and explored the new features, by
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the second half. some fans left early to beat that traffic. , and we are on the road right now to show us how challenging it might have been to get out of those parking lots. >> reporter: not challenging at all. we will show you a live picture as we exit the golf course, the golf course parking lot. nothing but cones and, you know, free roads ahead. i know the team did not plan a 34-0 loss but that loss meant that a lot of fans were leaving at halftime. in fact, i would say a third of the fans in the parking lot where we were left at halftime. so there was a lot of empty parking spaces by the time the game finally ended. plus, people trickled out. did not end all at once the way the soccer game ended two weeks ago when everyone hit the streets at once. right now, looking at a live picture of a great america parkway. reporting live in santa clara,
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kpix5. >> reporter: well, mike sugarman took public transportation and he is now heading home with the fans on the buses. bta pulled out all of the stops today? >> reporter: a lot of people left at halftime, that helped to make the rest of the transit home. it worked. there were not many lines when i got to the line to get to my train. i am taking bta to mountain view to cal train to go home. it was an hour after the game now, cal tran, 5:15, it will take me 2-1/2 hours to get home. you have to remember at candlestick park it was just nutty. it was worse. now, as we left an hour after the game there were a lot of people still in line. but, those people seem to be going southbound toward towards westchester. mountain view line it was not bad at all. there were three to four trains that left before it even filled
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up. so, my ride and i can only speak for my ride as a fan, has not been that bad. but let me ask another fan. you are christine. >> yes. hi, mike. tell me, how was your ride? >> all in all. it was great. i was surprised. we got on near our house off of bay shore in the bay view district. like 10:05 this morning about two hours, heading back now, not crowded. it is not the 20 minute commute from my house in the city but this was great. >> you were lucky. people here, good transportation, what do you think? good or bad? >> good. all right, we are seeing good transportation here. first game. i don't know we will see how the rest of it goes. riding a bta train in mountain view, mike sugarman, kpix5. well, betty is live at levi's stadium, how is it
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looking out there? >> reporter: well, the santa clara police officer told me no less than 30 minutes ago that that the the traffic out here was chaotic. but as you can see behind me, a different picture right now. right outside of the stadium. take a look down great america parkway. this place emptied out quickly. this is what it looked like a few blocks down from where i am just a few minutes ago. it looked like a parking lot in some parts. officers were directing cars down a few of the main roads to get to the 101, 237 and the lawrence express way. people i talked to said it was a pretty big improvement from what they saw out here at the earthquakes game but others disagree. >> definitely needs to be improved upon. city, levi, get together, signage, signage, signage. >> yes. we got stuck out here and had to walk probably i don't know, 3/4s of a mile. and, still paid $40 outside parking. >> how do you rate the parking
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situation? >> i. [indiscernible] >> all right. another live look out here outside of levi's stadium. things are calm right now. we want to mention some fans downloaded the stadium app to get in and out. they said it did not work. it crashed. others said it is not all that bad. the longest line they stood in was at the concession stands. they said they waited more than an hour to get food and drinks and they got out of here sooner than that. guys, back to you. >> all right, thank you, betty. signs like these posted all over one neighborhood about a mile away from the stadium. we wanted to know did they really do much to deit tour people from coming in for free parking? -- detour people from coming in for free parking. >> probably not. >> why? >> because there is no fine.
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it is convenient. >> reporter: the department of transportation worker made the rounds this morning counting cars and discouraging drivers. but they will not be giving out any tickets today. >> okay. get used to this folks, you will have to talk really loud at this stadium. >> reporter: it will not be just fans making noise from the stadium. this is a shot from the camera. showing how close the airport is to levis stadium. it casted a big dark shadow over the field and of course, a lot of excitement at the stadium but the game was another story. dennis o'donell is coming up with a full recap. so you build a brand new fans will be getting a early start on the party. we are going to give that
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mobile food ordering app a little trial run. order and pay for food from your smart phone. sounds like a good idea. we will see, that is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to this special edition of kpix news, we are live at levi's stadium. you build a new stadium. invite 68,000 of your closest friends to party with you and then the denver broncos show up, they spoiled us. we have not seen much from the 49ers in the preseason games. >> no, remember, they are going to may the denver broncos in the regular season. if you are going to play them you will show nothing. no game planning. practicing. keep it in perspective. not exactly as ken mentioned the way you want to christen a
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new stadium. and super bowl, denver broncos that were crushed themselves wanted to show off. now, 49ers first offensive series, going in, fireworks on the opening drive. now, going out to lloyd. can not make it to the catch on the end zone. i guarantee he was looking into the sun. now, dawson, peyton manning played into the 2nd quarter. finding a touchdown others broken coverage by the 49ers, the 49ers commit 4 turnovers and get shutout. scoring 3 points through 2 games in the preseason. as a player, competitor, are you shocked by what happened today? >> oh, definitely. definitely. sucks to lose. no matter if it is the regular or preseason game. like i said, we need to come out and practice and put more
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effort in. >> reporter: and, and vern davis had the best reaction, when everyone crowds around after the game, nobody call the police. there is no crime. it is a preseason football game. >> there you go. good attitude. >> the way you have to look at it at this point. >> yes. we will check back in with you. >> yes. >> okay. now, okay. exciting. okay, thank you. what do you do when your team is getting its rear end kicked? you try the food. alan martin was doing that. a new app allows you to order your food ahead and get it delivered to your seat. how did it work today? >> well, with a score like it this many people were checking out the beer but not the food. when you are paying $10 for a beer, $8.50 for garlic fries you want the food to be be good but not miss the action. that is what is behind the app.
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so, first game, we decided to follow a couple guys and give it a try. >> reporter: fans are going wild. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: but the last thing the team wants is fans going hungry or thirsty. part of the mobile app is the mobile food ordering. order and buy food on a phone or tablet. mike was not having it. >> this stand is not taking orders. can not get the in-seat to work. >> he wanted a couple hot dogs and a beer. but, another came from lodi and ordered a snack and he will just pick it up. so s. >> it gives me directions. >> they give you a choice $5 it will be delivered to your seat or like him, you can get it yourself. but not necessarily at the concession stand closest to you. >> try to take me to actually
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to the other side of the stadium. what? but let's give it a try and see. >> reporter: after a hike to the other side where the express lane is -- >> a little bit of a wait. i think i would of rather gotten in line on the other side and order it there. >> reporter: and the wait? well, he is not alone. >> you are in the express line. >> i am in the express line. >> and it is take agriculture. >> quite a bit of time. 15 or 20 minute wait, at least. >> reporter: or if all else fails you send the kids to go and get it. [ laughter ] kids are always reliable. it is the shake down. i think next week we will see more of the express pick up aligning, making it smoother for people. you have a week to work it out. next game, san diego chargers, hopefully everyone gets fed and everything else they want. >> there you go. iron out the wrinkles, all right, thank you. much more coming up from
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levi's stadium including fan safety. the new rules and how the stadium worked to keep the lines moving. we will be right back with a look at some of the other headlines today including a very special tribute to robin williams, stay with us of styles and flavors, we've made it even easierety to order your favorite ice cream cake. baskin-robbins new online cake ordering.
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live look from our dublin c. dublin cam... hazy smoke hag over the area. it's from a car fire that ha breaking news, this is a live look from our camera. hazy smoke hanging over the area. it is from a car fire that has ignited part of a hillside. the car fire happened at 580. there is a traffic alert for 580 because of the smoke and two lanes are closed. we will keep an eye on it for you. here are the other headlines we are following here at kpix-5. a packed church this
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morning. [singing] read >> reporter: churchgoers rose to their feet to pay tribute to actor robin williams who died on monday. they sang songs, read prayers and honored the man the pastor remembers as a good laugh and a good soul. >> so, we knew him from inside outside as well as outside/inside. so you know, he was really just a man who put it out there. and he was not afraid, it seemed to me, to put it out there and keep it out there as long as he felt he should do it. >> robin williams was known to appear at the church's annual fundraiser. he says he not only raised money but brought fun to the church. a bay area high high school celebrated team is depicted in a movie "when the
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game stands tall" proceeds from tickets went towards a scholarship in terence kelly's name. a star on the team who was murdered before starting his college career. >> they portrayed him really well. you know, he did the right things and everything. and, they taught him how to be a leader. they showed that in the film. >> i support the film and we have a foundation terrence kelly foundation, check out that and see what we are doing in the community in his name "when the game stands tall" opens nationwide on friday. pride on display in san jose. a big crowd turned out for the south bay's 39th annual pride festival today. the event recently changed the name from san jose pride to silicone valley pride. this year's theme honoring our past, securing our future. reflecting the continuing struggle for civil rights. we have the forecast now, candlestick we complained because it was cold and windy. >> cold, windy now lips lips.
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>> today, now, i heard it was hot. should of put it in fremont. it was warm today. not exceptionally warmer. it could get warmer as the season begins, but the wind did not get over 10 miles an hour, so, now we need the breeze. now we want the breeze. today, in santa clara, the stadium, we did not get. it what we have is the fog, beautiful silhouette of the san francisco financial district and the marine layer calmly sitting behind, waiting its turn to rush back in. in san bruno, 67. livermore, hot spot, 88 degrees. san jose, 76. sitting in the stadium with no wind, and a lot of sunshine it was uncomfortable at times. the doppler showing northing north -- northing on it. san rafell, good evening to
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you, fremont, 59, san jose, 60, san francisco, 57 degrees overnight tonight. there will be one thing for the first half of the week, tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, that makes it cloudier. an area of low pressure sitting off of the coastline. tell work its way right off to our west. not going to give us rainfall. but, that southwest flow of air coming in it will give us a lot of cloud cover in the morning, anywhere near the water, inland, the temperatures will be down by 5ing degrees. that is through wednesday -- by about 5 degrees. that is through wednesday. the low will be gone. less of the onshore flow means warmer temperatures inland and sunshine earlier. the first halftime week, cooler, cloudier, near the water, a lot of morning clouds, beginning tonight. we will not be as warm through wednesday. that is the next three days, then, thursday, noticing the changes. the sun is out, it willing milder. that said, it is still comfortable outside. san jose, 80, sunnyville, 86. tomorrow, pleasant hill, 84. antioch, you will hit 87 with
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sunshine. foggy start in san francisco. 67. berkeley, 68. and the hot spot, lake county, lake port in the low 90s, the extended forecast. cooler, cloudy, we are talking a few degrees, that is it, through wednesday. sunny, warmer. heading through the next weekend. we can get heatwaves, no, but rainfall, no, just pleasant weather all weeklong. it will be perfect. >> all righty. let's send it back to ken and liz live at the field on the stadium. despite the loss it seems like you are having fun. >> yeah, no rain, though, a few tears shed but no rain, no real rain. we can report that for sure. >> yes. >> thank you, ann, thank you, paul. coming up, we are going to talk to the niner's chief operating officer and get sort of a report card from him about how things went. and fans coming from all over the country. why one couple chose today's game to celebrate a very
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special occasion. coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a monumental day at levi's stadium in santa clara. xcited to amazing. i have goose bumps, amazing. a monumental day at the stadium here in santa clara. fans excited to watch their 49ers play on the new field but to be a part of the levi's stadium experience. jets and all. welcome back to our newscast, we are live at the stadium. good evening, everybody. the seats are empty as you can see. the cleanup crews are all that is left. it was quite a day. walking around the stadium to see what fans think of it,
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kristin? >> reporter: they enjoyed it. we talked to people that came from all over the country to come and see this game today. some people coming from as far away as new york. we talked to a guy who came from hawaii in order to come out and see the game today. and we also talked to people who said they wanted to be here to witness history. even if it meant coming on a very special anniversary. we met a couple of people today named manny and margaret lopez, they were here celebrating a huge anniversary. what could possibly be more romantic than sharing it with screaming fans. >> 40th anniversary. no better way to spend it than here. >> awesome. awesome. unbelievable. it is great. >> reporter: happy anniversary
5:33 pm
to the lopez'. they spent it here in the fans. the big cleanup is coming up next, we spoke about it earlier. you get a sense how much work they need to do. you see cups, bottles, peanuts i am standing in right now. a big job for them to get on. they already started. again, it will be a huge job, 68,000 seats to go and clean, personally one by one, back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> all right, thank you. a big job ahead, big night ahead. >> reporter: thank you. all right, thank take a look at the stadium by the numbers, we -- thanks. let's take a look at the stadium by the numbers. it seats 68,5,000.
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1620 toilets. the stadium was can full at kick off and then the game started. 9ers fell behind in the 2nd quarter and kaepernick and the starters already gotten their work in. a lot of fans who, well, had enough at halftime. >> reporter: it was only halftime when the fans started leaving. you can see them walking back to the golf course parking area. a lot of people said they wanted to leave early because they knew that traffic would be bad getting out of here. they wanted to get a jump-start on it. they got a 2 quarter start. >> everything is good. a few lines that were pretty long but i got in and out and we are leaving a little early. to miss the traffic getting out of here. >> leaving a lot early, halftime. >> they are not playing all that well. >> yes. better things to do on a beautiful day. >> beating the traffic. go and bbq some steaks. >> reporter: i heard a lot of
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people had a hard time getting in because there was a line at the security area. for now, reporting in santa clara, back to you. >> yes. people were telling len, you know, it was a problem, you know, because people were leaving early. no problem getting out of the stadium or getting out. we are going to check in right now with mark to see how traffic is flowing at this hour, mark? >> reporter: well, ken, we definitely noticed that as well. as a matter of fact the game started at 1:10. a lot of people went in and left. by halftime, constant outflow of people. you only have to wonder what impact that had on the actual traffic. was the traffic at the end of the game at 4:00 less? now, what you are seeing here is deceiving. the traffic here coming out of a vip parking lot and the 49ers training facility. we saw what was believed to be be the denver bronco buses
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leaving, heading back to the airport for their flight home. a lot of staff members and employees for the stadium getting off of work. it is not coming from the golf course that is one of the large lots. a little bit controversial. we talked to a pan today who had to go through a lot of issues to park on the course and it is quite a bit of a walk. he said a quarter of a mile. not sure if it is that far. it is quite a bit of a walk. it depended where you were coming from, freeways that you took and how you got here. but the reports here were better for this game than a couple weeks ago during the earthquakes game where, of course, they made changes and the mayor, matthews, we most up with him and he said they made a lot of changes. from what they seen at the official level things were improved. not perfect but better. that is the story, back to you. bet selive outside of the
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stadium. any -- betty is live outside of the stadium. any traffic problemss? >> reporter: traffic outside of the stadium, smooth. we are seeing a lot of chp officers, city workers in the cleanup phase, this is great america parkway. let's show you what it looked like within the last hour. some parts it looked like a parking lot. it was a bumper to bumper. the officers directed the cars down, a few of the main roads out of here on to the highway. we stopped to talk to a few of them on their way out, take a listen. >> horrible, horrible, no signs, nobody knew where to go. they closed some of the areas, we were coming from the other side of the stadium. they rerouted us back over so it caused more congestion. >> if you are going to build the stadium, the stadium has to support it itself with the own parking spots and not corporate parking spots that are parked miles away, you know, it is ridiculous. >> reporter: okay. so that man that you just heard from said he spent 30 minutes
5:38 pm
walking from that parking lot to the stadium. and walked back to his car and that was not better. many tried to use the parking app to get them in and out and direct them to the right lot it did not work. it crashed. but as far as traffic out here right now things are flowing smoothly. back to you. >> all right, thank you for that report. mike sugarman is making his way home from the game right now. mike the ride has been good. stadium has been pretty good. a big hit. what are the fans saying about the team? >> reporter: well, it was kind of a bad game for them for the 49ers, wasn't it? nothing really -- nothing good about this game, kenny. i am currently waiting for the cal train to take me back to
5:39 pm
san francisco. but while i am sitting here let's talk to -- what is your name? >> mark. >> what did you think of the team today? >> looks like they never played together. it was a hell of a game but not a good one. it is preseason. preseason. yes. >> we got faith. >> yes. >> faith. >> this is a glorified practice, you have to know that. >> that is the way you need to look at it. >> what is your name? >> paul. >> what did you think of the team? >> did not look good at all. but, as you said, you know, the third game, the one you have to focus on and the starters did not play a lot in this game. so, you know, i am a big fan of jim johnson, jim johnson, but go 9ers. the stadium looked gorgeous. >> yes. transit how is that? >> not bad at all. >> it is long but more than worth it. >> the fans are getting used to it just like the teams are. >> more than worth it. as i said it is going to take
5:40 pm
me 2-1/2 hours to get back to san francisco but i would imagine if puwere a south bay fan coming to candlestick it would be the same. i will be home for dinner, so, honey start cooking. back to you. [ laughter ] >> all right. wheufplt we come back how the -- all right, now, how the fans are enjoying the new stadium ,,
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is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. welcome back to the special edition of kpix news. we are live at the stadium. a new stadium but looked like old times outside at this new stadium. niner fans brought their candlestick tailgater traditions to a new parking lot if you will. plenty of bbq, music, red, gold, you name it. mark kelly mingled with some
5:43 pm
diehard fans. >> well, i knew from being a child that my parents told us that if we came home in any other gear that we will be disowned from the family or written out of the will. >> it makes it clear. >> clear from the get go. right? yes. always in the blood. >> reporter: all right, no doubt fan his a good time. there were plans in the crowd for the 2nd ever 49ers parking lot party there and that'll be next sunday. another fans took advantage of the pregame experience at great american pavilion. for $85 they got food, live music, performances and games. the hope is that this 18,000 square foot facility say premiere party spot before all of the 49ers home games. of course, security was top of mind here at the stadium. mark kelly shows us one rule that caught fans off guard. >> security taken serious
5:44 pm
today. take a look at the number of security gates that we have here. a company called elite security is handling the entrance into the stadium. there are multiple agencies involved from stadium security to santa clara pd. in fact, the police compare this security here like going through tsa at the airport. and, just like the airport, it is safer to travel like today. one safety rule catching fans off guard. no big bags allowed. here is what people think of the rule? >> a great policy. you never know who will bring what in. so, it is better safe than sorry. >> we were inconvenient. my wife brought a small handbag. slight she bigger than expected so they wanted us to check it in. >> this rule will be for all 49erss games. so, the best bet is to travel a little bit lighter or to bring a clear plastic bag.
5:45 pm
at levi stadium. back to you. >> all right. all indications it is a gorgeous day. reseating around the 50 yard line right -- receding around the 50 yard line right now they want to replace before next week. let's talk about another stadium. at&t park. the giant his a special guest today before their game with the philliess. this picture is from the clubhouse and the guy wearing the red giants hat and holding the bat is brian stow. next to him it is his son, tie ler. he has been to several giants games since he was beaten in the parking lot of dodger stadium back in 2011 but this was his first visit back to the clubhouse. we wish him well. >> absolutely. an emotional day for him there. more ahead, dennis has more with sports, coming up 80 degrees today, sunshine, little wind. cooler, though, in berkeley. a lot of morning fog. temperatures spreading again.
5:46 pm
a live look at the stadium. we the game is over. we will talk about the forecast all of the way until next weekend. coming up ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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in san jose for more than 20 he santa clara valley has become a hub for bay area sports. nhl sharks have been here for 20 years. the earthquakes call it home and getting a new soccer stadium and college sports programs have seen a lot of success. all eyes here on silicone valley. >> a lot going on down here. soccer coming as you said. a new stadium there. we are going to check in with paul who is back in the studio. paul you don't need to know what the high was.
5:49 pm
look at dennis o'donell's sun burn. >> yes. spf30 was nothing we recommended at the stick but we may need to change the way we approach these football games. it was sunny out there. without that wind it felt much warmer than the 80 degrees of santa clara today. taking a look outside. a beautiful shot. looking all of the way out. we can see everything, it is excellent, the visibility out there hot shots, a few 90s, pittsburgh, livermore, dennis o'donell's forehead, 80 degrees. santa collar a80 for a high. but there was no -- santa clara 80 for a high. but there was no wind. it felt hotter. there was a 14 degree difference between where the first home preseason game was played last year to this year. 14 degrees. south bay, beautiful weatherwise, average is 83 this time of the year. the past five days, close, cooler than average.
5:50 pm
80 included yesterday. today's high, officially at the airport. 78 degrees. about four degrees below average. overnight, night nice. concord, 58, some comfortable temperatures i am giving it 3 for the fog. overnight tonight, fog near the water but starting it off sunny. low pressure area bringing pressure to northern california towards klamath falls. that low will not give us the rainfall. it will go in our direction, when it happens it will kick up a southwest flow. it is the most humid and cloudiest area for us. increase of cloud cover for the next 3 days and inland, not getting the clouds but the temperatures dropping 4-5 degrees, not as warm starting tomorrow of the ridge returns
5:51 pm
on thursday. we will be warmer. for the next three days, you are cutting in the heat trending warming towards thursday. highs tomorrow, 80, concord, 83, cupertino, 77. 84 in san ramone. 77, so we are cloudy through wednesday, small details, but it is a change. as we head towards the end of the week. back to the upper 80s inland and 0 rainfall for seven-days. guys, tell likely get hotter at the stadium before it gets cooler. today's high, only 80. >> all right. well, it is beautiful right now. >> we are going to end it right
5:52 pm
now. only 80 here, see looked dawn. thank you for that complement. i was doing the interview for the fans i they felt that was is hot they had to leave by going inside. to hear paul say it will get hotter, anyhow, it could be worse. it could have candlestick park. the fans who walked around, we will tell you what happened in the game, as well as the giants making a run on the dodgers, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
5:53 pm
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to walk around and check out levi's stadium today got a d opporunity to do so because welcome back, everybody to levi's stadium. fans that wanted to walk around and check out the stadium they had a good opportunity to do so because not much was happening on the field. here is how it came down. nearly all of the seats filled at kick off. a rare sight. going for the fireworks on the opening drive. kaepernick airs it out for
5:55 pm
lloyd who can not make the catch in the end zone. coming, dawson, this one from 55 yards, the other, 44. no score. peyton manning played in the second quarter on 3rd down. hitting thomas for a touchdown on broken coverage by the 49ers. all eyes on the back up quarterback. carter coming a way. the broncos light up the scoreboard. airing it out. 33 yards for cody. denver, takes it 24-0 lead. sanfrancisco commits four turnovers to get shutout 34-0. notwo games this preseason they scored just three points. >> -- now two games this preseason they scored just three points. >> it is a great atmosphere. a lot more noise here than candlestick. >> reporter: as a player, competitor are you shocked by what happened? >> definitely. i mean it is -- it sucks to lose if it is a regular season
5:56 pm
or preseason game. like i said, we just need to come out and practice and basically put more effort in. >> reporter: i do have good news to report. while the 49ers played here in santa collarra the giants looking to win their series vs the phillies, what has gotten into san francisco. this fan gets angel to sign his basketball card. he drops his other cards on the field. he helps pick them up after a brief delay this little guy is on his way. they are up 1-0. now, crawford, singles it to right. morris, scores, the raoeuld fielder, gets it. passed the 3rd baseman, allowing him to score. going to third on the error. 2-1, giants, tim lincecum labored through 5 innings. timmy walks 4 in the game. bottom of the 4th. two sacks, singles home. going back, getting the lead.
5:57 pm
3-2. they win 5-2. allave sudden they are within 3-1/2 games of 1st place in the national league west. >> reporter: playing into a play off and i will tell you the second straight year that park wins, that is their 4th major title. the giants within 3.5 games. >> climbing back out. >> i had to give you good news. >> we got. it yes. leave on a good note. >> thank you. thank you for watching. we will be back out here live at levi's for you at 6:30. >> the latest news and weather always on our web site. have a great night ,, ,,,,
5:58 pm
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>> glor: tonight, the next step in ferguson. missouri's governor extends a curfew into a second night and feds order an independent autopsy on michael brown. vladimir duthiers and major garrett have more. >> planes bomb isis as kurdish forces fight to retake an important dam. >> charlie d'agata reports. >> ebola concerns grow after a quarantine center in liberia is looted, debora patta on the infected material that was stolen. record numbers of missing and stranded hikers police are responding by shutting down trails and writing tickets. >> the new zoo. animals up and above and all around hoping to attract the next generation. >> now a view around the zoo. the zoo moves around you.


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